Madonna takes Prague


Megastar Madonna held court at the 02 Arena in Prague over the Nov 7-8 weekend with two spectacular shows of her Rebel Heart Tour. This was what the grand extended stage looked from the cheap seats which are practically at the roof level of the uniquely shaped stadium!


If you can afford the expensive VIP seats – or rather, standing spots – you can have the pleasure of seeing the sultry singer up real close – and could even touch her hemline (not that you should!) – like all these people above busy with their mobile cameras, who probably queued up since daylight to grab a coveted spot along the tip of the heart-shaped stage.

Well, wherever you are seated, a Madonna concert is always guaranteed to be a visually and musically entertaining spectacle. And in Prague, a place which she simply can’t stop gushing about how much she loves “your beautiful and mystical city”, the Material Girl proved that at 57, she still has the energy and props to be at the top of her game, if not the charts.

Long may the Queen of Pop reigns!


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