High Tea @ The St Regis

2015-12-16 15.08.01 (480x640)Having read that Brasserie Les Saveurs at The St Regis offers great ambience for afternoon tea, me high tea mate and I decided to give it a try. Well, it may serve contemporary French cuisine at other times, but its decadent setting certainly gives it an air of an opulent English tea parlour. Not to mention that the inside wall comprises floor-to-ceiling windows which offers a great view of the gardens and swimming pool, and we were really happy to get a table beside it.
2015-12-16 15.07.50 (640x480)But we were here for the food and just by first glance across the main table spread, everything looked real good.  Scones alone have five types with various condiments to choose from. A good high tea should always have good scones. Beverages wise, the coffee selection was minimal but teas (from TWG)  has a wide range.  On the waiter’s recommendation, we opted for the St Regis Special Tea and the Grand Wedding Tea, both of which were richly fragrant and fruity.
2015-12-16 15.10.10 (640x480)Next to the scones, there were hot pastries ranging from  curry puffs to sausage rolls, cool cuts such as parma ham and smoked salmon, and – something which we thought was rather out of place – a decent selection of sushi.
2015-12-16 15.09.12 (480x640)It also have a wide selection of pretty good looking creamy cakes, sweet desserts of every kind and, as tis the season, Christmas goodies such as gingerbread biscuits and eggnog.
2015-12-16 15.08.50 (640x480)
Even the fruits look bright and colourful….
2015-12-16 15.09.18 (480x640)With so many food choices, the chocolate fountain seems neglected by most of the diners…
2015-12-16 16.00.17 (640x480)
…Cos there was also a live counter that offers sweet and savoury crepes cooked a la minute by this friendly chef…
2015-12-16 16.00.51 (640x480)
There was also a superb cheese counter offering a dozen odd selections with wafers and various garnishing to go with your choice…
2015-12-16 15.33.38 (480x640)Plus a truly rich and yummy lobster bisque soup in a bread cup which was served to us at the table.
2015-12-16 15.34.20 (480x640)Alas, the could-have-been-perfect high tea was tarnished by this tier offering. The moment it landed on our table, not only none of the items looked appetising, they also appeared stale. The finger sandwiches were dry and the pastries didn’t come across as fresh. Worse of all was the “cream puff”, the filling of which was what seriously we thought was really bad goat cheese mousse. Later we were to find out that it was foie gras but whoa, if it’s so, somebody has definitely got to look into changing it. The manager confessed that there have been previous complaints about it and he said he will inform the kitchen accordingly.
2015-12-16 16.34.10 (480x640)At $49++ per person,  the afternoon tea is actually quite worth the price bar the tier selection. Here’s hoping they will get that changed for the better cos as it is, we have tried better tier fare elsewhere.


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