Cairns – Grub & Grog @ Atherton Tablelands


When in Cairns, Australia: Next to snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and jungle-surfing in the Daintree Rainforest near Port Douglas, my food trail tour ( south-westwards to the Atherton Tablelands to check out glorious Australian food fare was just as memorable!


First up, there was delicious coffee and scones with cream and jam to be had at a historic teahouse overlooking the gorgeous Lake Barrine (before the town of Yungaburra).


Next, we got to taste a dozen or so award-winning cheeses from Gallo Dairyland at Atherton, as well as a wide range of their equally good chocolates too. Their blue vein cheese Gallozola and Macademia cheese were awesome!


Talking of Macademia, the famous Australian nut around the region is primarily provided by Wondaree Macademias located at Tolga, which not only plants and harvests the nuts, but packages them in different tasty flavours (including in oil form) for sale.


Then came the grog… At de Brueys Boutique Wines at Mareeba, which specialises in tropical fruit wine (read: non grape), we got to taste some 20 types of fruit wines, ports, liqueurs and cream liqueurs. Needless to say, I was one happy bunny at the end of the session!


Finally, we got to visit the relatively nearby Jaques Coffee Plantation where we learnt how coffee is planted and harvested in Australia and of cos got to taste their award-winning coffee.

Mind you, these were just the food highlights. The tour also comprises nature attractions, great scenery photo ops, and a great seafood lunch at a local hotel. Will post fuller details in due time!!


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