Dancing Crab @VivoCity

2016-06-01 19.22.42 (640x574)DANCING CRAB @ VIVOCITY
My seafood pal and I enjoyed the Dancing Crab @ The Grandstand at the former Turf Club but we have never gone back there again as it’s not a  convenient place for us to get to or get back home from without a car. So we were mighty glad when we heard that they have set up shop at VivoCity as well, which is much better for us “Westerners”…

Even on a weeknight, the VivoCity outlet was just as packed as the weekend night when we were at The Grandstand. Tables seemingly have more elbow space here though and we managed to get a table by the wall close to the entrance but far from the big dining groups.

Menu is more or less the same. And of course we were there for their signature Louisiana-styled seafood combos. When we opted for Seafood Combo #1 with Sri Lankan crab plus prawns,  clams, potatoes, corn and sausages ($88), we were bemused when the waiter told us that the crab may not be enough for the both of us as “it’s only this size” using his fingers to signify the size of probably a fiddler crab. “Er, if your Sri Lankan crabs are that small, they are not Sri Lankan crabs…”, I declared. Unperturbed, the young chap recommended that we go for the Combo Bag #1 with Dungeness Crab instead. And how much would the “Seasonal Price” come up to, we asked. “It will be about 1.5kg, so probably about $156…” Riiiiight…. It’s ok, we will stick to the Sri Lankan crab and it better not be a baby crab, we chorused…
2016-06-01 19.19.40 (611x640)Combo #1 comes with potatoes and corn but my dear friend wanted to order some sides. Sure. We ordered the beer battered mushrooms ($8) which we thought would be cute button bits that can be easily popped into the mouth… but nooo, they are these huge crispy yet succulent nuggets that were actually quite filling!
2016-06-01 19.17.56 (635x640)Luckily, the creamy crunchy coleslaw ($2.50) was a decent size but we forgot that utensils are not readily available at Dancing Crab. (They kinda expect diners to eat everything with our bare hands…) But if you are persistent about it, like my dear friend,  you can get a plastic spoon and even a fork or two! *grin*

Drinks-wise, I usually have beer with seafood but decided to have their “freshly squeezed daily” lemonades ($4) instead. The lavender lemonade was quite refreshing though my friend found the fizzy lemonade too sourish. That was however quickly solved by requesting for water to be added.
2016-06-01 19.23.32 (593x640)Then came the moment we were waiting for. Oh, the Sri Lankan crab is just fine, just nice for two although we wouldn’t mind a few more pieces. But then there were also the big and juicy prawns, savoury clams and sweet corn which offered much variety in taste. Oh, as we opted for the combo to be cooked in Zesty Garlic Butter, the plastic bag of cooked items was not tossed onto the table – as is the Louisiana style – but left in the metal bowl as “it would be too oily” said the waitress. Well, good on her ‘cos it made our table slightly more tidier. It still need some getting used to to eat off the table. Fun but funny if you get my drift.

The combo portion is actually way too much for the both of us and we left most of the potatoes and all the sausages  swimming in the tasty broth of garlic in butter (which I swear tasted like cai po on chwee kueh!)

Damage came up to $125++ for two which is decent. All in all, another enjoyable time at Dancing Crab and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Will definitely want to try their sea prawns lunch set one day…



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