d’ Good Cafe @ Holland V

2016-07-10 12.20.27 (480x640)d’Good Cafe @Holland V
Many new F&B outlets are popping up at Holland Village and I have yet to try many of the “relatively new” ones that opened up in the last few years. But that’s because I’m a creature of habit – I have my favourite food stalls and eateries and I rather go straight to them than having my day or night ruined by a disappointing try-out at a new diner. But then again, there are gems to be found like last Sunday after church when I was rather adventurous to try a new place at Holland V and chanced upon these steps (pictured above) which had me at  “best cup of coffee” and then “Deutsch Skillet Pancake” on a poster by the door…
2016-07-10 12.30.27 (640x480)The steps led up to ordering counter/kitchen of the d’ Good Cafe, which has been around for about 4 years according to the framed commemorative T-shirts hung along the staircase. There is a seating area on the second floor at “front of house” but as it was packed, I was led up to the third floor…
2016-07-10 12.38.00 (640x495)… …where there is a pretty tea garden-like al fresco area (above) that overlooks Lorong Mambong and  an air-conditioned section opposite it. Considering our hot and humid weather, I opted for the AC section of course which has pleasant decor comprising modern paintings, toys and antique items just like the other areas of the cafe. (Eg, there’s a mini windmill model at the al fresco area and a British red pillar post box at the top of the 2nd floor staircase.)
2016-07-10 12.52.34 (640x480)Then came the snag… Orders have to be made at the counter on the second floor and it is self service too. Which means one have to walk up and down the stairs – there is a small elevator of sorts but only to be used when severely needed – to make your order and to collect your orders. Which is fine if you are fit and nimble on your feet, but a bit tiresome for someone who has weak ankles, knees and back. But I really do want try the pancake so I made my order, mentally making a point that this may be the first and last time I will be back here, beautifully quaint as the cafe may be…
2016-07-10 12.32.58 (640x640)My Cappuccino ($5.50) was quickly made and I was told I had to wait 25-30 minutes for my Classic Deutsch Skillet Pancake which was fine by me as I wasn’t in a rush. The waitress who served me sweetly offered to carry my coffee up for me, bless her, so I took my time climbing up the stairs step by step. The waitress gushed about how good their coffee is and how I made a great choice. Well, have to say it was certainly one of the best cappuccinos I have ever tasted. To while my time, I posted a new food pix up to my Grub & Grog Instagram account (@food.drink.musings) and fiddled with every one of my social media and news platforms on my phone. When the order buzzer eventually buzzed, it was certainly less than 15 minutes and off I went to get me pancake…
2016-07-10 12.40.42 (640x471)The Classic Deutsch Skillet Pancake ($8) with lemon juice, maple syrup and cream cheese looked great and smelled good. But not the carrying-the-hot-tray-on-my-own up those flight of stairs again. Trying to open the glass door with my elbow whist holding a tray was quite a chore too but eventually I made it to my table which thankfully was close to the door. Back to the pancake: it’s not the plain and flat styled like your McDonald’s hotcakes; it was nicely baked on the hot plate and in fact the pan was still sizzling with heat as I squeezed the lime juice and maple syrup over a sliced piece. The bottom side of the pancake did get a tad too hot to eat after a while, so I quickly overturn the rest over and cool it further by spreading the cool cream cheese on it. Overall though, it was still enjoyable and something different to savour.
2016-07-10 13.04.56 (521x640)There’s a lot more interesting items on d’ Good Cafe’s menu – from meat items to various sweet and savoury pancakes, and of course loads of different kinds of coffee that’s probably worth checking out as well. It is a decently nice, cosy place to hang out at but unless I can find friends who can run up and down stairs for me, alas it will be a while before I make a return trip here….

d’ Good Cafe is at 273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02.


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