Cafe&Meal Muji @ Paragon

2016-07-14 13.57.13 (640x564)CAFE&MEAL MUJI @ PARAGON
There’s definitely cheaper lunch options at Paragon but every time I’m there now, I find myself making my way directly to Cafe&Meal Muji, the diner that is part of Japanese lifestyle store Muji. Maybe it’s the neat way they present the food items on your plate and tray, or the bright, cosy layout of the place, or the unique hot and cold deli items they offer which  are made “with seasonal, natural ingredients”. Seriously, I think it’s all of the above as I always feel very happily satiated after every meal there. 🙂

The hot deli ($4.80 per dish) and cold deli ($2.80) items are well kept behind a glass counter. You can either order a la carte or the various combo deli sets they have configured. I usually go for the 3-deli set ($12.90) comprising 2 cold, 1 hot and a choice of either white rice or bread. You can also change the rice to grain rice if you want your meal to be “healthier” but otherwise, the sticky Japanese rice is really nice and tasty.

For my recent meal there (pictured), I had the Fried Chicken Sweet Chili Mayonnaise (hot), Thick Omelette with Japanese-style Mushroom (cold) and Salad with Sakura Chicken and Mixed Beans (cold), which were all great in “getting the rice down”.

Previously I have tried other of the deli items which were just as good such as Spinach Chicken Hamburger, Roasted Sakura Chicken with Sesame Crust and Prawn & Edamame Salad with Spiced Mayo Sauce.

Drinks wise ($3.90 to $5.90), there are hot beverages such as coffee and matcha latte, to cold drinks like Iced Mojito Squash and Iced Sunset Tea. If you order a drink with a set meal, they take $1 off. Same goes if you go for a dessert set (bar the soft serve ice cream) comprising a drink (hot or cold) and a dessert ($4.90-$7.90 ).

Lastly, another cool thing from the cafe is that it offers metal “reserved” signs with Japanese kanji characters (ie Chinese) on them so that you can chope a table before ordering your food.

Yup, definitely one of my favourite diners of late. Can’t wait for my next trip!

Cafe&Meal Muji is at #04 – 36/40 Orchard Paragon. Opens daily from 10am to 9.30pm.


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