Bread Street Kitchen @ MBS Shoppes

2016-08-27-18-40-45-640x480A year on and Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen is still drawing in the crowds at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. So my pal and I were chuffed to be able to book a table on a Saturday evening to celebrate my Hatched Day (a week early) and we really don’t mind that it’s “available only in the basement”.
2016-08-27-18-49-00-640x640As we arrived early – having spent hours earlier on catching Pokemon in and around MBS (which has become a tremendous PoGo hotspot) – we were invited to wait and have drinks first at a long high table facing the Marina Bay promenade of which the scenic views  I have to confess are marred of late by the hordes of PoGo trainers pacing to and fro…

The service at Bread Street is nothing short of attentive. Water and a bowl of delicious bread were presented to us, while our orders were taken so that it will be ready by the time we get to our table “downstairs”.

We didn’t have to wait long for our table and we do rather prefer the fully air-conditioned dining area below which, although it features an open kitchen, has a very comfortable ambience.
2016-08-27-18-42-05-480x640The menu boasts British European fare and comprises hot and cold starters, salads, mains, grills and desserts, with a good selection of beers, wines and cocktails.

While my pal ordered a sweet iced Rhythm & Blues cocktail ($11),  I was delighted to find that BSK has the wonderful Czech beer Pisner Urquell ($14) on their beer list. I had the pleasure of knowing this refreshing beer, which is the world’s first pisner, during my Eastern European holiday to Prague-Vienna-Budapest last year and, yes, it tasted good from the bottle too. Definitely much more expensive than it is in the Czech Republic of course but still worth paying for!
2016-08-27-18-44-33-640x640We kicked off our meal with a small Chicken Caesar Salad with pancetta, anchovies, soft boiled egg and parmesan ($16) which definitely helped soothed the hunger pangs somewhat till our main courses arrived.
2016-08-27-19-16-55-640x640My friend was having a fish craving of late and so for her mains choice, she went for the Roasted Black Cod with crushed potatoes, salted capers, artichoke, red wine and lemon sauce ($39). The fish was fresh and yummy but what I really loved was the tangy sauce over the smashed potato.
2016-08-27-19-16-26-640x640The carnivore that I am of course went for the red meaty stuff. Been wanting to try their Shepherd’s Pie with Braised Lamb ($38) since I read about it so I was rather upset at first when I couldn’t find it on the menu until the manager informed that it has replaced the Steak and Ale Pie, so phew! And there it was: with the potato and cheese crust wonderfully baked and blended very well with the tasty minced lamb bits. Not the best shepherd’s pie I’d ever tasted  -that was in The Punchbowl bar in Mayfair, London (formerly co-owned by British film director Guy Ritchie) – but I don’t have any complaints about this one.

Unfortunately, we were way too stuffed for desserts but am sure that we will be back to try other items. In general, the food fare and service are both definitely much better than Jamie’s Italian – sorry Jamie and I’m a huge fan – but in terms of British celebrity chefs’ restaurants in Singapore, Gordon Ramsey wins this round hands down.

Bread Street Kitchen is at Bay Level, L1-81, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.


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