New Ubin Seafood @ Sin Ming (but not for long…)

2016-09-09-20-02-48-640x480Been a fan of Ubin Seafood since its beginnings on Pulau Ubin and then also later when it became New Ubin Seafood in the mid ’90s when it relocated to Commonwealth Drive (or, as we westerners called it, “16th storey or chap luck lau”). Oddly, ever since it moved to Sin Ming off Thomson Road, I never got to dine at that venue till a fortnight back when work mates decided to have a Friday night chow-down there. And thank goodness too ‘cos – as well-known food blog,, recently reported – the popular seafood zhi char restaurant will once again be making a move by the end of next month, this time to Hillview Avenue…
2016-09-09-19-48-26-640x480Well, better late than never. It was fascinating to find a kampong-style restaurant nestled in the midst of a housing estate, albeit updated with an impressive wine bar and a wall-sized blackboard that has the signature dishes written in coloured chalk on it. (Two unusual items that caught my eye were satay foie gras and fish roe masala…)
2016-09-09-19-44-34-508x640When eating seafood or zhi char, it’s always good to have a group of friends along as you get to order more stuff. New Ubin was having a great promo that night too – order two crab dishes, and you get a third one free. (Woo-hoo!) So with 7 mouths to feed, of course orders were made for chili crab, pepper crab and a steamed one for good measure. Service was prompt and the chili crab, with a generous helping of gravy, was the first to arrive. Along with the crispy man dou, it was a great way to start a meal on a hungry Friday night.
2016-09-09-19-45-35-640x480The pepper crab came right after and the team started to panic quite a bit wondering if the orders would be enough to satisfy everyone’s appetite. Let me cut to the chase – it won’t especially when there’s so many people but we do have a third crab coming. I would say one crab dish is just nice for 2 persons. But with more people, more orders should be considered. In case you’re wondering, yes, the pepper crab was just as delicious…
2016-09-09-20-02-20-640x445And here is something unusual to order when having seafood – steak bits. The US Black Angus Ribeye Steak is one of New Ubin’s top-sellers and it’s not hard to see why. Served with Idaho potato wedges, caramelised onions, sea salt flakes, mild mustard and chili sauce, the steak is super tender and succulent. What’s more, if you order fried rice (top centre dish in first picture), the beef fats from this dish will be used to cook it. Needless to say, the rice was really yummy!
2016-09-09-20-19-57-640x498Back to our crab craving – thankfully, we ordered a third and the steamed version tasted just as good and everyone was fully sated.

Total bill came up to about $200++ including soft drinks, so each person only need to fork out about $30 each. Really worth for 5 truly satisfying dishes. And wherever New Ubin Seafood ends up at, I’m sure food-loving Singaporeans (and foreigners alike) will surely follow…

New Ubin Seafood is at Block 27, Sin Ming Road (off Thomson Road), #01-174.
From 1 Nov 2016, it will be at No 63 Hillview Avenue.



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