Nakhon Kitchen @ Holland Village

It’s been in Holland Village for quite some time but the day finally came where there was no long queue in sight and I was able to get a table all to myself at the very popular Nakhon Kitchen, which prides itself on serving authentic Thai cuisine at decent prices.
2016-10-27-13-49-05-640x640Of course the first thing I ordered was the tom yum goong with prawns ($6). If there’s a one dish that one judges on how good a Thai restaurant is, its their tom yum soup. And I have to say, it doesn’t disappoint one bit. I had the clear version and it was wonderfully spicy, tangy and fragrant. Add to that, it came with big fresh tiger prawns unlike some established Thai chains which have the nerve to use small tasteless shrimps instead. Eat this with white rice and you have a truly satisfying meal, especially on a cold rainy day.
2016-10-27-13-49-58-549x640Thinking that they will take a while to serve the soup, I ordered the deep fried stuffed  boneless chicken wings which was rather meaty as it’s well-stuffed with minced pork and carrot filling. It was a savoury appetizer enhanced when dipped with Thai chili sauce.
2016-10-27-13-47-12-640x401Including a iced lemongrass drink, my meal came up to just $14, definitely cheaper than a set meal at, say, Thai Express. Understand totally now just why people would queue up for hours just to get a table. With so many dining options in HV though, I rarely queue at any eatery here (the most 5 minutes). But hey, if there’s no queue at Nakhon Kitchen the next time I have a craving for Thai, you betcha I will be trying more of their dishes on offer.

Nakhon Kitchen, which has other branches from Bedok to Hougang, is at 27A Lorong Liput.


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