Lucky 8 @ Shaw Centre

img_20161116_225959-591x640Was meeting an old friend for dinner and so decided on Lucky 8, which serves Hong Kong-styled modern Chinese cuisine and the latest restaurant to pop up at the revamped Shaw Centre. We made a reservation but there were tables aplenty when we arrived at the restaurant located on the 3rd level. Reckoned it must be still too new and also footfall still isn’t that great at the mall despite its massive renovation. But oh well, good for us then as we were given a table in a nice corner and it’s always nice to eat at a Chinese restaurant that is not too crowded or filled with noisy diners.
img_20161116_191405-640x585Overall ambience of Lucky 8 restaurant was pleasant, comprising mainly gold and black colours supposedly to represent wealth, prosperity and all that jazz. Service was very attentive but then again, there weren’t that many tables for the staff to serve on!

The menu was extensive, covering all sorts of meat (chicken, duck, pork, beef), a wide variety of seafood (lobster, prawns, fish, crabs, scallops, et al), boiled soups and vegetables, available in various styles. Photos of the seafood items were very enticing however we were very much aware that most of the items were “seasonal prices” and on this night, after a long day at work, we weren’t feeling that adventurous…
img_20161116_192707-640x640As with most Hong Kong-styled restaurants, you shouldn’t go wrong with their roasted or BBQ meats. So the first thing we ordered was the Golden Crispy BBQ Pork Belly ($13.80) which is one of their signature dishes.Despite feeling a tad “heart pain” that each cube of siew yoke (Cantonese for “roasted pork”) possibly cost $1.50 each, have to say it is extremely tasty and though the crackling is thick, it was very crispy and certainly added flavour to the meat.
img_20161116_192811-640x566There was a wide choice  of vegetables and the waitress taking our order did recommend “qing long cai”  from Malaysia (if we are not mistaken), some kind of green dragon vegetable which was not on the menu. As mentioned, we were feeling not very adventurous and also, from the days we used to haunt Tung Lok, we’d learnt to never order anything that’s off the menu at a Chinese restaurant ‘cos it’s usually cost a lot…

So we safely went with the Hong Kong Kai Lan ($20) instead. It was alright, edible, but it didn’t occur to us that it was rather pricey for a small plate of veges – practically $2.50 a stalk if you think about it – until the next table threw a hissy fit over THEIR veges (can’t quite catch what it was) exclaiming to the waitress serving them that,”For $20, surely you could have given us a better variety!” Ouch…
img_20161116_193142-531x640Well, thankfully our next dish took our attention away as the waiter gallantly brought over the Braised Lobster with Ee-fu Noodles ($28) with the lobster standing tall in the wad of yellow noodles over his shoulder. Now that is definitely one dish made for the Instagram age! The portion, which our server did inform us, is meant for one but we were happy to share this. The lobster was sweet and meaty, and the noodles flavourful.
img_20161116_204136-640x638Lucky 8 has a good selection of red/white wines as well as Chinese tea. The Tei Guanyin tea ($4 per pot) we ordered was probably the best Tei Guanyin we ever drank. Not sure if it was the beautiful glass teapot they used – commonly used for flora tea brews – but we had so many pot refills that we were half afraid by the end of the meal that we would be charged by each refill! But thank goodness no, it was free-flow which was great.

The damage came up to about $88 (including charges for snacks and wet wipes). After a 10%  discount with UOB Credit Card, the total came up to $75 for two pax which is decent.

Lucky 8 is certainly a place we would come again, not just for the Crispy Pork Belly, but to try other items such as their Peking Duck ($88), Crispy Deep Fried Chicken ($28), the fatty beef dishes and various fascinating seafood items. Probably need to gather more friends to go, so to be able to try and share more items. For sure, it may be easier to get a table here (for the time being) unlike similar Hong Kong-styled restaurants such as London Fat Duck across the road at Scotts Square.

And oh, before we left the eatery, we were both given customised Lucky 8 tissue packs. Nice touch. With a name like Lucky 8, maybe they should have open near the casinos instead…

Lucky 8 is at #03-07/11, Shaw Centre.


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