Maison Ikkoku @ Kandahar Street

2016-12-23-23-48-27-640x394A group of pals invited me to go waterhole-hopping just before Christmas last year and we had a blast. One of the places we went to just before midnight was this cool place, Maison Ikkoku Cocktail Bar, located on the second floor of a shophouse unit on Kandahar Street.

The Cafe at Level 1 is known for its all-day breakfast, gourmet sandwiches and gourmet coffee, while the cocktail bar upstairs – which only open from 4pm to 1/2am –  is renowned for their bespoke cocktails which are priced from $20-$26++. Though narrow and tight, the place does have a cosy feel and gives good vibes to anyone who simply wants to chill with good drinks and snacks.
2016-12-23-23-38-17-640x480Managed by three enterprising young lads behind the bar counter at any one time, just tell them the poison craving  you are feeling (rum, vodka, brandy, lime juice, mint, chocolate, etc) and they will conjure up something that is most likely to satisfy your palate (and if not, I suspect most people are too polite to say so or make a fuss ‘cos, hey, you did allow them to come up with anything!)

The one in the group who is a regular here recommended the Tom Yum cocktail. It’s super spicy tom yum alright, just with liquor, but I prefer my tom yum with rice and not sipped from a glass! The adventurous among us then asked for various concoctions that would include (separately) rum (with lime juice or mint), green tea and fruit punch. And one ordered a Mojito. Ok, maybe we weren’t that adventurous but we did have a couple of drinks before coming here and so, were kinda not wanting to mix our drinks (which on hindsight, is a tad too late!) The cocktails were served in various types of glasses and in general, gave us the taste we wanted. Whether we would order the same again was very unlikely though, but then it give us cause to order more specific ingredients the next time round.
2016-12-24-01-17-57-640x640One cocktail we would order again though is this chocolate-based “martini” that has Nutella spread evenly around the glass. It was sweet and refreshing but seriously, we were happy just using the ice-cream stick to spoon every bit of the Nutella out to lick!

2016-12-23-23-59-26-640x480The bar food was not half bad too. The meaty nachos with cheese and mayo was delicious…

2016-12-23-23-59-47-640x597So was the trio of fries comprising french fries, sweet potato fries and luncheon meat fries. (And which probably would go better with beer actually…)

2016-12-24-00-16-34-619x640One must try is their signature Mac & Cheese Ball ($12) which – be warned – is one giant tennis ball sized. We thought it was going to come in six tiny balls but no, it’s just one ball which we had to share by scooping one spoonful each. A bit unsightly and quite heavy for just one person, but it was very yummy.

2016-12-24-01-07-15-491x640Lastly, our table was given this stack of toasted, ice-cream-covered marshmallows to munch on in the midst of our various flavoured cocktails. Love it when a bar keeps serving you tidbits inbetween drinks. 🙂

In all, six of us spent about $60 each on the cocktails and food over a few hours. A charming place that is definitely worth a few more visits, especially if you are into craft cocktails.

Maison Ikkoku Cocktail Bar is at Level 2, 20 Kandahar Street.




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