Ginett @ Hotel G

2017-05-09 20.29.00 (640x531) (2)The Middle Road / Waterloo Street area has always been a haven of food of all varieties, and there’s yet more new eateries to check out. On the eve of Vesak Day, the lovely office minions I worked with regularly decided to descend upon Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar located in Hotel G, prior to a pre-planned karaoke night jam at some joint across the street.

Tuesday evening was a great time to go to Ginett too ‘cos it’s their weekly Ladies Night in which groups of four ladies get to enjoy a free bottle of wine, while a pair get a Carafe of wine from 6pm to 11pm. Well, with 13 ladies and 1 guy in our group, we were thrilled to have 3 free bottles of rose wine to kick off our dinner. (A scheme to try to get our sole male mate to “lady-fied” himself so we can get an additional free Carafe alas didn’t quite work. So we just asked for extra glasses for him and the “odd-one-out” lady colleague).
2017-05-09 20.03.23 (640x640)Ginett has a nice cosy ambience, very spacious both on the ground floor and on an upper level (it even has al fresco island tables). It’s well-decked with cool artwork and faux greenery on the walls, but the premises’ most eye-catching attraction is the multiple rows of wine glasses hung above the wine bar.

The menu is extensive with a wide selection of appetisers, salads, pastas, seafood, charcoal grilled meats and desserts (with most main courses priced between $18-$42). And of course, not forgetting the wine list that starts from $6 a glass and $30 a bottle.

As we were such a big group, we were given the long communal table situated right by the entrance. With hungry hippos everywhere, a string of starters x 2 were ordered in a hurry. Served on brown paper in a small metal bucket, the Deep Fried Chicken Wings with Fries were tasty, as were the Sweet Potato Fries – so good, second helpings were ordered of each.
2017-05-09 19.33.54 (640x600)For the main dishes, everyone agreed that a mix of pasta and meat dishes will do fine. The Carbonara Pasta with bacon bits and egg was a good choice.
2017-05-09 19.32.45 (640x640)So was the Duck Confit, easily one of the best duck confits I’ve eaten locally. The meat is tender with the skin slightly burnt, offering a favourful taste. The gravy was great as well, along with the garnishes.
2017-05-09 19.33.20 (640x630)Some of us were dying to try one of lobster dishes but in the end, this simple yet extremely delicious Vongole Pasta ($26) with a generous helping of white clams and cheese was more than a-ok.
2017-05-09 19.33.05 (635x640)We had an Australian Angus Ribeye that was so good, it was gone so fast I didn’t have time to take a snapshot of it! Luckily, some kind soul grabbed this Wagyu Beef Cheek which was just as good (well, in taste and not in looks). The slices of beef cheek were so tender and juicy, and the sauce was so yummy that we used the complimentary bread rolls to lap up every last drop.
2017-05-09 19.34.54 (640x640)As we were late for our karaoke session, we skipped dessert which is a pity as there is a marvelous cheese board item called the 1 Metre Board (S$54) with at least 5 cheeses and 5 cold cuts. It needs to be shared and it would have gone well with wines but team-bonding sing-alongs come first…

Will I be back? For sure. The food is good, the non-free wines are probably better, and prices on the whole are rather decent. It was about $50-$60 per person, but we did have a couple of free bottles of wine. Will definitely want to try that cheese board, the lobster dish, an escargot starter, and try out more meat items.

Now, just need to find 3 female friends who are free on Tuesday nights…

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar is at 200 Middle Road.


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