Dallas @ Suntec City Sky Garden

20170614_193154 (640x640)A friend fancied steak for her birthday, so we decided to check out Dallas Restaurant & Bar at their outlet in Suntec City Sky Garden. We were given a window seat, which was nice as we were just in time to see a lovely fiery sunset going down over the South Beach Complex and National Library.

Online reviews stated that Dallas is great for their baby back ribs and steaks, so it was to my surprise that their menu only has one Prime Rib Steak item ($40) and one Baby Back Berry or Fiery Ribs ($30/$44 for half/full rack) item. Though there were beef burgers, the rest of the menu comprises mainly chicken, pork, fish items and a selection of salads, desserts and bar snacks (that include beef brisket tacos and Dallas BBQ Wings).

Looking at the prices, we decided to go for the Meat Platter ($70 for 2/$130 for 4), which would give us more choices of meat to sample as it has fiery braised prime ribs, Australian lamb cutlets, rib eye, rotisserie chicken, with a bunch of sides including mint jelly, mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce, garden salad and roasted vine ripe cherry tomato.

20170614_191750 (639x640)As there was already salad with the meat platter, we ordered Garlic Bread and this Sweet Potato Chutney, which was one of 3 starters (not on menu) that cost $8 if you order any of the signature dishes. The sweet potato was tasty but the chutney was rather overpowering. We didn’t quite had time to finish it as the meat platter didn’t take long to arrive!
20170614_193048 (640x640) (2)Dallas have small 2-seater tables and this meat platter tray covered 2/3 of the table, leaving us with just a small ledge to have our small plate, starter dish, drink and I can’t remember what was on my left. It was arguably the most popular customer choice as we could see it on almost every other table. And seriously, it was not shabby at all. Instead of ordering a $40 steak, for $35 each, you can try 4 meats on this dish and have salad and mashed potato (under all the meats) too.

First off, the fiery braised pork ribs are really, really good. Fresh and tasty, with the meat coming off the bone easily. Then there is the rib eye steak – and mind you, it’s a full-sized steak too – which was done medium rare, and was succulent and tender.
20170614_193009 (595x640)The lamb cutlets were a tad disappointing as it was tough, seemingly overcooked. Thankfully, the robust mint sauce given helped. As for the roasted chicken, it was good and tasty, except we would have prefer to have more pieces of ribs.
20170614_191842 (640x640)Drinks-wise, Dallas has a large cosy bar area that’s good for casual drinks with friends; it also have an al fresco area if you prefer natural air-conditioning. Its menu has an extensive list of wines, cocktails, draft and bottled beers, and non-alcoholic beverages. I had a pint of Stella Artois ($12). while the birthday girl had a refreshing Lemon & Lime Bitters ($8).
20170614_191818 (640x640)All in all, Dallas is a nice place for dinner (and probably lunch too). A main dish+drink meal would probably cost $50-$60 per person and if you are looking for good baby back ribs, this place has it. Plus, if you come around 6.15pm-6.30pm, you will be able to catch a (hopefully) nice sunset by the window. Definitely a place worth a second visit.

Dallas Restaurant is at 3 Temasek Boulevard, 03-302/303 Suntec City Sky Garden.


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