Meat Smith @ Telok Ayer Street

20170904_185505 (640x593)Being a carnivore, needless to say, a good choice of meats was what I wanted for my B-day dinner. Hence a pal and I decided to check out Meat Smith – The Full Metal Smokehouse at Telok Ayer Street, an area that now has more hipster eateries sited next to long-time F&B establishments.
20170904_184947 (640x640)Meat Smith has a nice, cosy ambience, decked out like a modern-day Western saloon. The menu is not extensive – items such as sandwiches, sides, desserts, draft beers and cocktails only have 2-5 items, while the meat and snack selections have about 7-8 items. But I guessed that way it helps diners to hone in on the items that matter. Specials of the day – from beers to snacks and desserts – will be written in chalk on blackboards with prices indicated, so do check those out if you don’t find anything that tickle your fancy from the menu.
20170904_190555 (640x640)We decided to try something up on the blackboard for our starter – Chiang Mai Sausage (2 for $6) which was something light and savoury, and nicely garnished with roasted peanuts.
20170904_191812 (640x640)For the meats, online reviews have mentioned that the pork ribs were excellent here and hence that was primarily the reason we chose Meat Smith. Their wet or dry pork ribs ($25) are either “wet” dripped in BBQ sauce or “dry” sprinkled with a tasty mix of spices.

We went for dry as that was something new to us and we have no regrets – the meat was tender and succulent with the spices very much enhancing the flavor without tickling your throat. Very much recommended.
20170904_191847 (640x640)We also ordered the 220g Brisket ($28) which, according to the waitress, is another top-seller here. It’s thick and succulent, good enough to be eaten on its own but even better when you have it with sides.  The portion, would you believe, is meant for one person but seriously – considering its generous size – the dish is best shared with another.
20170904_190706 (640x640)The meat items just come as they are so you have to order snacks or sides to go with them. Snacks ($3-12) include items such as Crab and Jalapeno Poppers, Brisket Springroll and Wedge Salad. Or you can order a Snack Sampler for $25. In addition to our starter, we decided to have the Corn Bread ($3) which is small and just enough for one person, although for this occasion we actually shared it just to have a taste.

Sides, ranging from Pickles ($4) to Mac and Cheese ($10), come in decent portions just nice for two persons. We opted for for the Potato and Gravy ($9), which is really lovely and creamy, and the Coleslaw ($6) which is above par.

20170904_190017 (640x640)Drink-wise, Meat Smith has a good range of beers from lagers to pale ales to Trappist beers. There’s also a selection of wines and whiskey. Although there is Free Flow Southern Spiced Iced Tea ($5), as it was still Happy Hours when we got there (before 7pm), I had a Miller Genuine Draft for just $7.50, while my friend has a glass of White Wine at the same price. (Usual pint and glass prices starts from $14).
20170904_191915 (593x640)All in all, a truly enjoyable meaty dinner. Even when the place was packed hours later, it was still a comfortable place to be in (although we did adjourn somewhere else for coffee). The dinner tally came up to about $50 a person and it’s a rare place where there’s no service charge, so we left a tip for the attentive service. If you are a carnivore and love good ribs and brisket, along with a good choice of beers, cocktails and whiskey on the side, Meat Smith is worth checking out.

Meat Smith is at 167-169 Telok Ayer Street.


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