DaessikSin Korean BBQ Buffet (Now known as Hanssik) @ Clementi Mall

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[2019 UPDATE: Note that this Korean BBQ outlet at Clementi has been rebranded as Hanssik and is now halal certified.]

Happiness is discovering a few months back that popular and real value-for-money Daessiksin Korean BBQ Buffet has opened an outlet nearer me home at The Clementi Mall. Although they don’t allow phone or online reservations for after 6pm slots, at least they don’t have a time limit like their Bugis counterpart. It does get packed during the weekends but if you come early on a weekday – like before 7pm – you can easily get a table, no matter how big your group.

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In terms of space area, the Clementi outlet is much smaller than Bugis so the food selections do seem less as well. But basically all the necessities needed for either BBQ or hotpot is more than sufficient really.

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The meats for starters are decent and of premium quality, and like Bugis, are presented in generous portions.

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There is an abundance of chicken, pork and beef, in various marination and cuts. There are also fried versions on the side but which I always find defeats the purpose of being in a BBQ-it-yourself restaurant.

2017-11-24 18.14.35 (640x640)
If I’m not mistaken, the Bugis outlet probably have a wider selection of vegetables and Korean sauces and snack delicacies, but seriously the Clementi selection was decent enough with popular Korean items such as kimchi, deep fried sweet potatoes and Japchae (glass noodles).

2017-11-24 18.24.00 (614x640)
Basically it’s a BBQ buffet but you can have a small hotpot to make soup or steam food at just an extra $5. If Daessiksin could just provide some oil or butter per table for grilling, dining here would be just perfect.

For dinner, price per person is usually about $35 including free-flow drinks. There are also students and seniors’ discounts which the waiters and waitresses are kind enough to tell you about (and which can reduce your bill by a good $10 or so); if not, just check if you are entitled to any discount at whatever time you are there. Me BFF and I have already been back there twice and there will definitely be more visits to come. So happy to have it at Clementi!

Daessiksin Korean BBQ Buffet is at #05-17/18 The Clementi Mall, 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West. Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 11:30am – 03:30pm, 05:30pm – 10:00pm; Sat & Sun: 11:30am – 10:00pm.

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