Komyuniti @ Yotel Singapore

Celebrating Renri @ Komyuniti

When a bunch of my mates from TV days decided to meet for Chinese New Year, we didn’t realized that we had chosen Renri or Yan Yat – the 7th day of the Lunar New Year – to meet. So, auspicious it was when we all gathered to celebrate “everyone’s birthday” at Komyuniti, nestled on the 10th floor of Yotel hotel (next to the swimming pool) in the heart of Orchard Road.

We lo hei with a yu sheng of a different kind!

Slick and modern with a full bar, Komyuniti was also chosen for its central location and the fact that it serves yu sheng. The CNY raw fish dish ($28.80/small) was very unique though as it had many substitutes for the traditional ingredients. For the main salad base, besides carrot and cucumber, there were also purple lettuce, yellow bell pepper, beetroot and spinach. And instead of peanuts and crackers, it was rice krispies and crispy fish skin. There was even sunflower seeds and a yuzu dressing for good measure! You probably could call it an “angmo” version – it definitely had a different taste but overall, along with the thick slices of salmon, it served its purpose of auspiciously kicking off our dinner date. (And belated apologies to the hotel guest diners as we lo hei at the top of our voices when we tossed for good fortune in the Year of the Pig!)

[If you need help with Lo Hei Phrases, check out my blog post “Lo Hei Phrases 101”.]

Sharing Plates Galore

Komyuniti’s food menu comprises a wide selection of appetizers, bar bites, small plates and big plates for sharing, while its drink menu has an extensive range of wines, cocktails, spirits, house craft beers and hot beverages. As there were nine of us, we opted to order a few bar bites and small versions of the big plates to share, whilst the one vegetarian among us ordered his preferred dishes though the waiter did offer to make a Beef Bolognese for him without the beef bits which was nice of them.

The Shoestring Fries with Rosemary Garlic ($9) was the first to arrive, and they were crispy and lovely. The portions are probably meant for 2-3 pax to share so if you have a bigger group, you will need at least two orders. We made do by first limiting each one to 6 fries, before extending it to 12 each…

Next up was the Crab Rillette ($14) which is delicious chill crab “pate” on rice krispies. Very nice even after having to halve each piece so all of us can have a bite.

The Charred Kailan ($10) with caramalised onion puree, fried ginger and garlic chips, was… fascinating. Not sure if the ginger was too overpowering but the kailan took a while to get used to but at the end, it was a nice veggie dish to have.

All the big plates have snack portions. This is the mini version of the Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($13) served in a sweet potato mash. It was nice and a fancy way of serving chicken nuggets you could say.

The Roasted Pork Belly ($10/snack) was my favorite though. Succulent with crispy skin and served with potatoes, green apple and brussel sprouts, it was a dish which I wished I didn’t have to share! A big plate would be too much for one though.

The snack version of the Pan Seared Snapper ($9) could be a main course on its own really. Meat was tasty and would probably be even better if eaten with rice.

Talking about rice, the mini Teriyaki Rice Bowl ($9) complete with egg could also be a main course on its own. This dish is hard to share, like, what can we do with the egg but to mesh it with the rice? But the chicken was tasty and the Japanese rice chewy and fragrant.

The Slow Roasted Duck Breast ($10/snack) with braised red cabbage and carrot puree was another nice meat dish. But between this and the roasted pork belly, I prefer the latter.

Presentation of all the dishes were great except for this one so much so we thought it was ordered by our vegetarian friend (hee hee). Luckily, the waiter quickly informed us that it’s actually the mini Beef Bolognese ($9) with beef in it. Ah-so! Well, it’s a flavorful pasta and the portion is just nice for a snack.

We also ordered a Waldorf Salad ($11), which was alright except the green apple slices were like, whoa, utterly soaked in balsamic vinegar or something which utterly woke up everyone who ate a slice! Our vegetarian friend ordered a Beetroot Salad ($11) which is seemingly a Waldorf with, er, beetroot. Just realized that the salads are more expensive than the meat snack items. Hmm…

Last but no means least, our friend also ordered a plate of fried Padron Peppers ($9) which were not “hot” but deliciously sweet and yummy.

So stuffed we were we decided to forgo dessert (of which there ar but three items) and coffee/tea. All in all, the bill came up to about $180, which means just $20 per person. Extremely worth it as the food was good and the place has great ambience. Komyuniti is areat place for powwows with friends and associates alike. Will certainly make a return.

Komyuniti is at 366 Orchard Road, Level 10 Yotel Singapore.
Opening hours: 6.30am-12am (Sun-Thu); 6.30am-1am (Fri & Sat)

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