Novel ‘Folklore & Fiction’ Cocktails @ The Monarchy, Tras Street

You know them from books and films, and now you can enjoy them as cocktails. Thanks to the ingenious bar team from The Monarchy at Tras Street, iconic British fictitious characters the likes of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, and Mary Poppins are now available as “one-of-a-kind, quintessentially British” cocktails.

Located in the heart of Tras Street, The Monarchy is styled like a typical British cocktail bar with its walls bedecked with huge portraits of iconic royal figures such as Princess Diana and King Henry VIII (by American artist Alex Wakefield). It opens till late on most days, so it is a popular after-work / after-dinner spot for cocktail lovers to hang out at.

Cheers to British Folklore & Fiction

For the launch of their new Folklore & Fiction cocktails, The Monarchy produced a gorgeous 16-page leather-cover, storybook-like menu filled with water-color illustrations of the 14 fictitious characters who inspired their newly-concocted cocktails. Just look at the cool pages for iconic spies Austin Powers and James Bond pictured above.

Harry Potter’s “Butterbeer”

Each invited guest was given two tokens to order the cocktails we wanted to try. My first choice was their version of Harry Potter’s “Butterbeer”. The “original” Butterbeer I consumed at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando, USA, is purely a delicious root beer sundae made to look like foamy dark beer (they do have to consider the younger fanbase…) So it was quite cool to try a Butterbeer that has real alcohol in it! The Harry Potter cocktail contains Copper Dog whiskey marinated with melted butter overnight, then topped with ice cream soda, salted caramel and vanilla foam. What you get is a sweet, creamy, buttery whiskey-based cocktail that is strong and delicious!

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

As I usually prefer rum in my cocktails, and also love chocolate very much, the bartender closest to me at the bar counter recommended that I pick Charlie & The Chocolate Factory as my second choice. This beauty took some effort to make but basically it is Pampero Blanco Rum mixed with chocolate liqueur, vanilla, whipping cream and egg, then topped with cocoa dust and mini marshmallows. A true yummy delight, it tastes even better if you give it a good stir. Its ABV is also definitely stronger than the Harry Potter!

The Artful Dodger

In between my cocktails, I moseyed down the bar counter to check out the other guests’ choices. This fancy fruity baby is The Artful Dodger (from Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist), a medium dry, sherry and port-based cocktail, ordered by a guest who also generously provided us with great lighting from his video light lamp, bless him!

Mary Poppins

The sweet guest who sat next to me ordered the sweet red vermouth-based Mary Poppins which actually has a cute way of serving – the bartender completes the drink by placing a spoon with sugar across the classy wine globet which will then be poured into the cocktail. “A Spoonful of Sugar”, geddit? Believe me, it was really cute…

Mr Bean

You can’t do Britain icons without Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean, which was the cocktail the sweet sud’s friend ordered. The Bol’s Genever gin-based cocktail is green because of the blend of pandan with matcha tea and soy milk. Cuteness is complete when the cocktail is topped with Mr Bean’s beloved teddy bear in cocoa powder.

Sherlock Holmes / Sweeney Todd

The Sherlock Holmes cocktail, borrowed from yet another guest, doesn’t really look exciting but then again, you would expect the 221B detective to enjoy a drink that looks exactly like that! The smoky cognac and whiskey-based concoction is said to be “strong and balanced”. Meanwhile, served in a chilled globet looking bloody red—complete with a tinted-red rim—by the bartender at top right was easily recognized as the tequila-based Sweeney Todd (aka the Demon Barber of Fleet Street).

Jack Sparrow / Paddington Bear

Must say that practically none of The Monarchy’s Folklore & Fiction cocktails seem easy to make. The bar team really went the whole nine yards to deliver one-of-a-kind cocktails. Take Jack Sparrow (pictured above left) for instance: the rum-based cocktail served in a bronze mug has so many layers, from crushed ice to various garnishes, and seared with a blow torch spray too! (Never ever thought of the Pirates of the Caribbean character as British, but maybe it’s because he’s based on The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards…)

As for Paddington Bear (above right), the gin-based cocktail is one of the rare ones that uses a tall glass and hence requires an elongated ice-cube—”So that it gets chilled longer”, says the bartender preparing it⁠—and its garnishes include a gummy bear!

The Ultra Lounge

Whilst showing me the way to the restroom, one of the servers also introduced me to The Monarchy’s Ultra Lounge which is a cool secluded area with its own bar and great for private parties. Here, the portraits are more of celebrities the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Helen Mirren. Apparently every painting at the premises is available for sale.

Musings on the M49 is really chuffed to be invited for The Monarchy’s new British-centric cocktail menu, truly had a fun time. If you love trying new cocktails and everything British, do check out the Tras Street bar’s Folklore & Fiction cocktails (priced at S$22++ each) which will be available for the next couple of months.

The Monarchy is at 56/58 Tras Street. Opening hours: Tue-Sat from 6pm till late. Ultra Lounge opening hours: Fri 10pm-3am, Sat and PH Eve 10pm-4am. Tel: +65 98003787.

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