Cool Pubs In Belfast

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Sensible sign outside the Duke of York in Belfast [Photo by Marguerita Tan]

When in Belfast, experiencing the Irish pub culture is a must. There are pubs and bars aplenty where you can immerse yourself in and enjoy the best grog and grub that Northern Ireland has to offer. Here’s but three of the top watering holes in the city:

Kelly’s Cellars at 30 Bank Street

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Kelly’s Cellars – one of the oldest pubs in Belfast [Photo by Marguerita Tan]

I managed to find Kelly’s Cellars on my first day at Belfast as my city tour driver announced at the tour’s end that the pub – “which has the best Guinness in town” – was just round the corner behind Primark department store in the city centre. Truth be told, the pub was high on my must-visit list ‘cos major cast members of Game of Thrones the likes of Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington were once pictured in it having after-filming drinks. Well, even without famous faces, the pub–built in 1720 and one of the oldest in the city–was a lovely place with cosy interiors filled with fascinating bric-a-brac. The heartfelt Irish greeting, “Cead Mile Failte”–which means a “hundred thousand welcomes”–can be seen both inside and outside the premises.

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Kelly’s Cellars – an old-fashioned bar with nice interiors [Photo by Marguerita Tan]

Though it was early evening, the pub was already quite packed but I managed to find a nice corner spot on a high stool at the bar. A cheery waitress took my order and told me that it will take a few minutes for the Guinness pint to settle before she serves it to me. She then took the time to tell me that my £2 coins were outdated (bummer!) and patiently helped me check if my other coins were still legal tender!

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Great Pint of Guinness at Kelly’s Cellars [Photo by Marguerita Tan]

A drinking mate told me that the Guinness in Ireland is much better than the ones they served back here in Singapore and she was not wrong! Served well-chilled with a thick foam head, the pint was rich and creamy without much bitterness, and easily the best Guinness I’ve ever tasted. Just wished there was Irish stew to go with it but that was already sold out by 6pm. Still, it was nice to just enjoy a pint at the lovely bar before finding a small table where I could rest my back against the wall and people-watch. When my stomach started growling, I simply popped into the fish ‘n’ chips eatery two doors down…

Bittles Bar at 70 Upper Church Lane

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The “flat” bar that is Bittles Bar [Photo by Marguerita Tan]

Before visiting a new city, I usually follow the local tourism agency either on Twitter or Instagram to see what other interesting places I should look out for. Thanks to @VisitBelfast on Twitter, I learnt about the unique Bittles Bar that is housed in a Flatiron-like building which is, like, totally cool as I love the Flatiron Building in New York.

Located behind Victoria Square mall, the red-bricked bar was built in 1868 and once called the Shakespeare because of its theatrical clientele. Its interiors were just as quaint. Despite small and triangular in shape, it has much character thanks to rows and rows of well-lit beer and whiskey bottles adorning the walls behind the bar, and especially the colorful array of artwork adorning the rest of the room that celebrates Northern Ireland’s literary and sporting heroes, as well as politicians.

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When in Belfast, drink a Belfast Lager! [Photo by Marguerita Tan]

Bittles Bar is also renowned for having one of the widest range of local and international beers in Belfast, as well as for its extensive whiskey collection. As it was a surprising hot and sunny day whilst I was there, I went for a Belfast Lager which was served by the manageress in a well-chilled Franciscan Well (Brewery) mug. The bright golden ale has a nice foam head with crisp flavors of hops and much carbonation. Though it had a slight bitter aftertaste, the beer was nonetheless smooth and refreshing, just great to savor in an aircon environment on a rare hot day in end May.

Duke of York at 7-11 Commercial Court

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Cobbled alleyway along Commercial Court [Photo by Marguerita Tan]

I came across this cool cobbled alleyway in the Cathedral Quarter while hunting for a mural of Jon Snow, the King in the North in Game of Thrones along North Street but which unfortunately I discovered too late that it has since been painted over (sob!) Still, this enchanting laneway was a nice place to discover with its eye-watching wall ornaments, street signage and red benches. The Duke of York, one of the most popular pubs in the city, is along this lane and it’s a huge long bar bedecked with loads of old-time memorabilia both inside and outside its premises. Word has it the bar is truly happening on most nights.

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American Taproom @ Waterloo Street

Thanks to a drinking mate’s recommendation, an ex-colleague and I had our quarterly meet-up at the relatively new American Taproom located at Waterloo Centre, a building that is more known to folks working around the area for being next to a food court that has very good chicken rice, Indian rojak, zi char and economy food.

2018-07-10 20.16.57 (640x622)Located closer to the centre’s Queen Street entrance, the craft beer bar-cum-restaurant is a cosy establishment of which the highlight is the marble wall with 30 taps behind its bar. American Taproom (ATR) has an impressive selection of some 30 craft beers on tap ranging from pale ales and lagers to stouts, with brands including Stone from USA, Brewdog from UK, Garage Project from New Zealand and Hong Kong’s Young Master. Available beers on tap will be clearly written on two long chalkboards – one placed near the entrance, the other above the bar.

2018-07-10 18.51.24 (640x640)ATR doesn’t have taster sets but certain brews have taster sizes ($6-$12), while pints range from $10-28. With so many beer choices, we asked the waiters for recommendations. When I told the younger waiter that I would like to try a pale ale that isn’t too fruity, he recommended Young Master’s Classic Pale Ale (above, $15), while my friend opted for Garage Project’s Angry Peaches ($18) from New Zealand, both of which are American Pale Ale variations. The YM Classic has a dark golden hue with a thick foam head; notes were floral and hoppy. Not exactly a robust beer but it went well with the food we ordered. Forgot to ask to try my friend’s beer but she was happy with it. 🙂

2018-07-10 18.58.38 (640x640)ATR has a decent menu with many items that are great “beer food”. There’s pub grub such as Cajun Fries ($8), Spicy Cheese Nachos ($12) and Chili Con Carne ($14); a Cold Cuts & Cheese Board that feeds 3-4 pax ($58); Thin Crust Pizzas ($17-20); and meaty mains such as ATR Burger ($16), Fish & Chips ($16) and steaks ($28). Desserts are mainly ice cream sandwiches ($8). If you are really not into beer, there’s a fair selection of wines, spirits, ciders and non-alcoholic drinks.

We didn’t have to wait long for our food which was great. We ordered a Salami Pizza ($20) with mozzarella, salami and sun-dried which was really good. We also had 1/2 dozen Buffalo Wings ($12/$23 for a dozen) that is marinated with ATR special hot sauce with blue cheese dip that was decently yummy. Lastly, we also had a House Side Salad ($8) as our, er, healthy option.

2018-07-10 20.06.09 (640x640)We really took our time with the food and close to finishing our last pieces, we decided to go for another round of beer. As I took quite a while scanning through the beer board, the older of the two waiters (albeit still very young, mind) decide to help me out by recommending the Brass Wire Pale Ale by Heart of Darkness Saigon ($15). A New England-styled pale ale, the Brass Wire has a bright hazy amber hue with a mild head that evaporated quite quickly. With strong citrus notes and a bittersweet aftertaste, it was a good beer to enjoy even without food accompaniment.

If you like trying different types of craft beers, ATR a good place to check out, with good food to boot too. Only gripe I have is that I wish they would serve the beers in their respective branded lager glasses or mugs like the pubs do in Europe. Other than that, would definitely patronise American Taproom again in future.

American Taproom, at 261 Waterloo Street #01-23, opens from 12pm-12mn.

Gemmills @ Gemmill Lane

2018-05-11 18.53.39 (640x640)A church mate and I wanted to try something off the beaten track for dinner one evening but we didn’t expect it was going to be that tough to find Gemmills. Technically its address is 110 Amoy Street but to locate its entrance, you need to first get into Amoy Alley, then turn right into a back alley off Gemmill Lane to find this quaint little wine bar that serves all-day dining.

The place was small and dim, but still rather charming thanks to its rustic decor. Tables are tiny too and we reckoned Gemmills is more popular as a place to wine rather than to dine. Its one-page Mediterranean-influenced menu is not extensive, not exactly cheap either, but fascinating nonetheless. Half of it were appetizers priced between SGD$6-$12, most seem very vegetarian (albeit healthy sounding), and “meaty” main courses ($18-32) seem to comprise mainly two fish dishes ($32) and one whole roast chicken ($50). Besides desserts (@$12), there is a decent selection of wines, cocktails, beers and ciders, juices, gourmet coffee and tea.

2018-05-11 18.57.12 (560x640)Since it’s a wine place, we kicked off with the house wines which were just $10 per glass during Happy Hour (5-7pm, Mon to Thu). I love my red but my friend’s white was quite bland. Luckily they served water as well so my pal was happy to go with that thereafter, while I had another glass of red.

2018-05-11 19.02.44 (640x605)As one of our starters, we ordered a House Baked Sourdough ($6) served with herbal butter which was quite nice. Although the crust was hard as rock, the inside was super soft and tasted really yummy with the butter.

2018-05-11 19.03.01 (635x640)We also had the Cold Cuts Board ($18) which was actually sufficient as a dish by itself. Lots of delicious slices of different kinds of ham, a generous dosh of salad, and even came with sourdough bread. Service was on the whole great but we felt that the waiter could have helped by letting us know how big the portions for each dish is, and – as there is bread with the cold cuts board – that we may not need to order a separate bread item (unless we wanted to). Still, they were considerate enough to give us two tables considering the amount of food we ordered. As you can see, the platter above plus our wines took up a whole table by itself. I’m not kidding when I say the tables are small…

2018-05-11 19.03.10 (640x640)We also had an Endive Salad ($10), a neat medium-sized bowl piled to the brim with slices of endives, hazel nuts, feta cheese and burnt honey. I don’t think I ever ate an endive in my iife but for this carnivore, this salad was one of the best “cow food” I’ve ever eaten. Crunchy, sweet, tangy and fragrant, just so many flavors in one dish.

2018-05-11 19.12.35 (615x640)Being a carnivore, I would have gone for the roast chicken item but at $50 and a whole chicken at that, there was no way the two of us could finish it. So instead we went for the Barramundi ($32) served with acid onions, leeks and salmarejo. The portion was so small – it was less than 2-in square – both of us were glad we didn’t order this as a main each! And the wood plate itself – gorgeous as it is – took up a quarter of the table! All said, the fish was very very well-cooked, thankfully. Soft, fresh and extremely tasty. For the price though, we could have order two or three other appetizers.

All in all, the quality of the food and the quaint ambience – dim as it was, I assume it’s brighter in the day – made Gemmills a nice experience. We were later told by the waitress that it’s managed by the same people who also runs Maggie Joan’s next door and Moosehead. Cool, two more places with good food (we assume) to try out in future then.

Gemmills is at 110 Amoy Street, #01-02 (entrance via Gemmill Lane). Opens 12nn-11pm (Mon-Thu), 10am-12mn (Fri) and 6pm-11pm (Sat). Closed on Sundays.


J65 Seafood Buffet @ Hotel Jen Tanglin

2018-06-08 18.33.31 (640x640)Let me tell you: trying to get a hotpot / steamboat restaurant reservation with a popular brand name on a Friday evening is practically impossible unless you’d booked way way in advance or are willing to wait over two hours for a walk-in chance. That’s why last Friday, me and two birthday “babies” pals of mine ended up with the Seafood Madness Buffett (SGD78++) at Hotel Jen Tanglin instead. Which wasn’t a bad alternative at all if truth be told.

2018-06-08 18.20.46 (640x640)For instance, just this gorgeous rack of chilled golden tiger prawns and snow crab claws had me at hello. The prawns were meaty and tasty, the snow crabs juicy and succulent. There were a good few customers who piled up their plates with nothing but the snow crab claws, and not that we can blame them.

2018-06-08 18.22.36 (640x640)Also popular were the giant Boston Lobsters, which the staff had to keep replenishing as well. Personally I found the meat a tad too tough and my hope of having free-flow lobster had to be curbed for another day.

2018-06-08 18.23.13 (640x582)There was also a fabulous pot of chili crab, which was arguably more popular than the lobsters. The crabs were fresh and fleshy, and the gravy absolutely delicious, great for dipping bread or papadum (Indian crackers) into. Though a tad messy to eat in a public place (and at a hotel no less), I seriously couldn’t get enough of this.

2018-06-08 18.30.15 (626x640)Oysters were surprisingly “hidden” away at a far corner, just in front of the grilled counter where you can order lobster, prawn, salmon or anything else grilled. Needless to say, at most times, all you see is ice on the tray till it got replenished yet again.

2018-06-08 18.21.17 (640x640)

The buffet also offers a wide variety of seafood-related items to choose from such as this giant seafood paella, lobster fried rice, bee hoon with fish slices, soups, etc.

2018-06-08 18.21.02 (640x528)This huge baked salmon was a sight to behold, but I prefer my salmon in sashimi style and there is a whole counter devoted to Japanese sushi items and loads of salmon sashimi. We ended up using the wasabi and soy sauce from here as our “chili” base for our chilled seafood choices as we couldn’t find one to our liking.

2018-06-08 18.31.39 (640x640)The buffet is not all seafood – roast items such as honey baked ham and beef steak were actually good. There is also counters where you can make your own rojak and kueh pie ti. My pals probably tried every item there was; as for me, my total focus was on prawns and crabs on repeat.

2018-06-08 18.24.41 (640x640)Desserts feature the usual suspects – fruits, cakes, pastries, chocolate fountain, etc. The durian pengat got us excited but nice as it was, we have tasted better (at a steamboat buffet at M Hotel).

2018-06-08 18.22.51 (620x640)The buffet ended at 9.30pm but we – and a few other tables – were allowed to carry on and eat/chat till we are done. I guess the days of 24-hour hotel cafes are long gone. For its choices, J65 Seafood Madness Buffet (Friday-Sunday) is value-for-money, especially if you simply indulge in everything seafood. There’s a discount given for online reservations, which makes it even more worthwhile.

I for one wouldn’t mind going back for another round. Maybe to see how different is their International Seafood Buffet (SGD88++) is on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays is Lobster Rock ‘n’ Roll nights (SGD$129++). If you are big on seafood, this is one buffet worth checking out. J65’s daily seafood themed dinner promotion ends 31 August 2018.

J65 is at Level 1, Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, 1A Cuscaden Road,  Singapore 249716.

Hararu Izakaya @ Bussorah Street

IMG_20180428_193152_008A pair of ex-publishing pals and I continued our quest to check out interesting halal-certified restaurants in Kampong Glam and last week we descended on Hararu Izakaya, reportedly the first Muslim-owned Izakaya in Singapore.

The eatery was easy to find on busy Bussorah Street which is closed to traffic on weekends starting from Friday evenings. There is al fresco seating on the ground floor but we found it nicer to sit in the brightly lit seating area on the second floor where it is decked out almost like an authentic Japanese restaurant of old, complete with diners having to take out their shoes, sit on mats but thankfully without having to kneel throughout the meal. Love the wall art which comprises large black-and-white impressions of Japanese street life and buildings, fronted by lanterns bearing Chinese characters indicating various types of Japanese cuisine.
IMG_20180428_193152_009Hararu Izakaya’s menu is not that much different from the Japanese eateries that we are familiar with except of course there are no pork dishes or alcoholic beverages. The menu comprises the usual suspects such as Edamame or boiled soybeans ($5.50) and Chuka Kurage or Japanese jelly fish ($7) as appetizers; sushi and sashimi; tempura; kushiyaki (skewer items); plus a good selection of charcoal grilled and “from the stove” dishes. And of course, there’s also the various noodles, don and fried rice offerings. Beverage-wise, besides Japanese green tea ($3.50 free-flow, hot/cold) and soft drinks, there are also mocktails and non-alcoholic “beer/wine” available.

To kick off our meal, we had Salmon Sashimi ($8) which was satisfactory, while the Age Tori Kawa or deep fried chicken skin ($4) was fascinating. A tad harder than deep fried fish skin, it was nonetheless crispy and tasty and made for a good starter or snack.

2018-04-27 19.53.54 (640x537)

Not that we wanted to try a fish but we wanted to see if Hararu’s standard was up to par. So we ordered the Saba Shio Yaki or grilled mackerel with salt ($12) which was not only good and flavorful, it was way above par.

2018-04-27 19.58.34 (640x587)
Still on charcoal grilled items: We’d dearly love to try the Wagyu Beef but $44 seems a tad steep even with three of us sharing, so we settled for the cheaper option, Grilled Beef Ribeye ($24) with Japanese sea salt, which was nonetheless a great choice as it was without contest the best item we had on the night. The meat, cooked medium, was super juicy and tender and it was something you could keep on eating (if only we had beer!) We probably could have done without the sea salt which was super saltish and besides, the beef slices were really good enough on their own.

2018-04-27 20.09.49 (640x640)Another delicious item was the Unagi Fried Rice ($14). The grilled eel was soft and sweet but its the yummy semi-sticky rice that really gives you the kick. Glad we ordered this instead of a bowl of Gohan (Japanese rice, $2.50) or Onigiri (the triangular rice, $3.50-$4) each as for their prices, we felt it was a tad too expensive for rice. (That goes for their green tea too at $3.50 which, though free-flow, is usually just $1 at traditional Japanese restuarants.)

2018-04-27 20.05.15 (640x640)By the time the Tori Karaage or deep fried boneless chicken ($8) came, we were actually quite full. Nothing extraordinary but munchable. At least it went well with the rice.

2018-04-27 20.27.18 (615x640)We actually forgotten that we have another item ‘cos it took so long in coming. And it was a pity as the Tempura Moriawase (deep fried assorted vegetables and prawn tempura, $12) was a disappointment. The two pieces of prawn didn’t taste fresh nor fully cooked, and the vegetables were not very flavorful or crunchy. We are guessing that the dish was left aside and served too late, making the items a tad soggy. Just glad it was the last item and that we had much better dishes prior.

2018-04-27 22.03.25 (640x640)All in all, we each paid about $35++ each for a close to $110 bill. I love the artwork in the place – this giant goldfish lies majestically along the stairway – which shows that much thought was given to make the place as Japanese as possible and they succeeded. If I do make a return trip, the grilled items are probably worth it, as is the fried rice. Definitely a good place for meetings between friends and associates.

Hararu Izakaya, at 16 Bussorah Street, opens daily from 12pm to 11pm (last order 10pm).




Plonk @ Serangoon Gardens

2018-04-04 22.05.21 (640x447)Had a gathering with ex-colleagues from my TV days a couple of Wednesdays ago and the venue of choice was Plonk, a rather cool food and wine bar in Serangoon Gardens. Housed in a two-storied terrace house, the place certainly looks warm and inviting, with service staff greeting you at the entrance.

Downstairs is where the bar is with a long table in the centre. Upstairs, dining tables are spaciously placed but what is really captivating is the number of colorful artpieces and stylish photographs that lined the walls as decor.

2018-04-04 19.24.38 (640x640)The food and ambience at Plonk is described as Mediterranean with a dash of Australian. The extensive menu with clearly-named categories seems to cater much to large groups as sharing is much encouraged starting with the “Sharing is Caring” appetizers; the meat, seafood and pasta items in “The Main Attraction”; a variety of salads in “A Healthy Kick”; 10 kinds of pizzas from “In Crust We Trust”; and finally, four dessert choices in “the Grand Finale”. Beverages wise, there’s a wide selection of wines, beers, cocktails and gourmet coffees to choose from.

2018-04-04 19.50.52 (640x640)As there was six of us, sharing was the obvious choice. We kicked off with the appetizers as of course those came first. The Housemade Beetroot Yoghurt, Hummus And Pesto Dips Served With Toast ($16) was lovely although I can live without the beetroot yoghurt which others seem to enjoy. A very nice starter was the Patatas Bravas With Smoked Paprika Mayonnaise ($12, seen top right), which are potato cubes fried in a spicy tomato sauce and so good that we ordered another plate.

2018-04-04 19.50.47 (640x640)Another delightful item was the Seared Halloumi With Watermelon, Shallot And Accompanied By Raspberry Reduction ($13). The mini slabs of halloumi, a traditional semi-hard white cheese originating from Cyprus, were deeply savory and its unique flavor further enhanced by the robust shallot and sweet watermelon.

One thing for sure, Plonk’s pizzas are very good and best of all, they are all thin-crust. We first ordered the Truffle ($25) which is generously sprinkled with forest mushrooms, shaved parmesan and (we think) dashes of truffle. It was delicious and it didn’t take us long to decide that we should order another one for our second round.
2018-04-04 20.34.15 (640x640)Our first “add-on” was a pasta – we had the Seafood Linguin Aglio Olio Style ($24) that came with jumbo prawns, calamari, blue mussels and baby scallops. The pasta was delicious but as every person took a piece of seafood each, all I can tell you that they were all fresh and tasty.
2018-04-04 20.35.41 (640x640)So glad we ended on a great taste – we had the Four Cheese pizza ($25), a bright yellow beauty comprising mozzarella, blue cheese, cheddar and parmesan. Every bite was a delight. We only later learnt that it’s 1-for-1 pizza on Tuesday evenings. If we have known earlier, we would have come a day earlier. Never mind, next visit will be on a Tuesday for sure.
2018-04-04 19.40.40 (468x640)

My choice of poison for the night is this Italian beer. Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a Euro pale lager is crisp and refreshing. Created in 1963 with the finest hops, the name – I googled -means “Blue Ribbon” in honor of an Italian ocean liner which crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the fastest time in 1933. Better than naming it the Titanic I guessed, haha! Good beer.

Besides the good food, what really made our evening really great was the fact that we had the whole second floor to ourselves, making lots of noise (as always) without bothering everyone else. We thought it must be a quiet Wednesday night until we trooped downstairs after paying up and saw that it was packed like sardines on the ground floor.

All in all, Plonk was a delight – from its great pizzas to the artworks adorning its wall to the attentive service. We paid $26++ each which was really decent considering the amount of food we ordered. Definitely a place we can make a return to.

Plonk is at 7 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Gardens Estate, Singapore 556685. Opens daily from Mon-Fri (11am to late) and Sat-Sun (9am to late).

The Green Oven @ Alley on 25, Andaz SG

2018-02-22-14-11-34-640x624.jpgHad a Chinese New Year lunch with the office people at The Green Oven @ Alley on 25 last week and it was a fun experience. Well, it didn’t begin that way. I didn’t read the address clearly and just following Google Maps, I assume the restaurant was somewhere on ground level in the U-shaped alley (Fraser Street) around Parkview Square (or Gotham City, as we Singaporeans affectionately called it). FYI, it’s not.

Part of a dining hub termed Alley on 25 which comprises five restaurants and two bars, The Green Oven is located on the 25th floor of the relatively new Andaz Singapore hotel. To get to it, you have to find an escalator in the huge shopping complex (Duo Galleria, if I’m not mistaken) located directly behind Parkview, which will bring you to the second floor where you will see the Duo Tower and Residences. Entrance to Andaz Hotel is on the far left and in there, hotel staff will show you where to take the lift to the 25th floor.
2018-02-22 12.53.41 (640x631)Serving classic international fare, The Green Oven is an all-day diner with a menu comprising breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert items, including a decent selection of non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and champagne. The place is cheery looking with good city views although the first thing that catches your eye is the huge green Beech oven (hence the name I guess) behind the kitchen counter where all the baked dishes are cooked in. The waitresses, majority of whom are Korean, are chirpy and orders were quickly and easily made. Quite a feat considering there was a dozen of us.

The plan at first was to order their set lunches (@$25++) but after a quick vote, everyone agreed it would be more fun (and economical) to share dishes. As it was Chinese New Year, the first dish we had was Abalone Yusheng. Quite cool for a “western” place to serve a CNY item, complete with giant chopsticks, and allowing us to shout blessings at the top of our voices. (Whether the other guests minded, we didn’t really check, heehee.)
2018-02-22 13.05.54 (640x640)We didn’t have to wait long for the main courses we ordered but we did have lovely Sourdough Bread by Tiong Bahru Bakery with Butter ($5) to pass the time. The first dish that I attacked was the Braised Lamb Shank ($35) which would have my set lunch choice. Served steaming hot with Jerusalem artichoke, fennel, semi dried tomato, rosemary, and tzatziki, the tender meat came smoothly off the bone and was absolutely succulent. A lovely dish indeed.
2018-02-22 13.09.58 (640x640)The Lobster Mac & Cheese ($35) was a fascinating item. It did have a very fragrant “marina” smell – as one of us described it – that you have to get used to. The lobster was meaty, macaroni yummy and I do love the burnt cheesy crust. But a normal Mac & Cheese without the half lobster could be better.
2018-02-22 13.09.02 (640x640)The Half Spring Chicken ($25), stewed with lardons, chat potatoes, pommery mustard, and thyme, was a popular item among the team. Meat was tender and the gravy was delicious, as was every piece of vegetable (especially the potatoes).
2018-02-22 13.18.43 (640x640)This fish main course was so good, I was only left with this small piece to take a picture of. It’s the Barramundi Fillet en Papillote ($28) cooked with Pernod anise, globe artichoke, capers, olives, and Tuscan olive oil. The meat was fresh and tasty, making every mouthful a delight. Just wished there were more mouthfuls to savor.
2018-02-22 13.10.07 (640x640)Oxtail soup yes, but I don’t think I ever had Oxtail Pie ($25) in my life, so I was eager to try it. Baked with red wine, the garlic mash was lovely but the flavor of the meat was a tad strong, even for a carnivore like me. I thought it was beefy but a few others felt it was more mutton. (It was probably a mix of meats). Pity as I was hoping to like it.
2018-02-22 13.08.33 (640x640)Finally, we had the token “vegetable” dish. The Violet Eggplant ($20) is baked with
plum tomato, Boursin cheese, and basil. It’s flavorful but one big piece was enough for me. A dish that definitely need to be shared unless you are totally into eggplants.
2018-02-22 13.52.36 (640x640)There are only two desserts on The Green Oven’s menu –  Tropical Fruit Trifle ($16) and
Brownie ($16) which must have been very good ‘cos both plates didn’t make it to my end of the table. Luckily, some kind soul bought these colorful mini sponge cakes with different sweet coverings from a bakery downstairs and they went very well with the nice Fair-Trade Java Mountain coffee  (various, $6) we had to end the meal.

All in all, food at The Green Oven is good, service is commendable, and ambience is pleasant. Prices may be a bit on the high side on the whole but not uncommon in other restaurants of the same vein. It’s definitely a nice place for meeting up with friends or acquaintances, or if you want to pamper yourself with a nice meal in a classy restaurant. Dinner have more appetizer choices and seafood main courses. Damage per person will probably be about $50-$80 per person. Worth checking out.

The Green Oven is @ Alley on 25, 5 Fraser Street, Andaz Singapore Hotel, Level 25.