‘At Home With Olaf’: The Adorable Snowman From ‘Frozen 2’ Shares Joys Of Life In Special Digital Series

“At Home With Olaf” [Walt Disney Animation Studios]

From actors reading storybooks, musicians performing online concerts, to footballers sharing their workout sessions. These are but a few things that entertainers have been doing in their homes for our enjoyment as we #stayhome for the safety of ourselves and others during this global Covid-19 pandemic.

Being a big fan of animation especially Disney’s Frozen though, the Disney Animation digital series, At Home with Olaf, easily won my heart and my vote for “Best Entertainment Series That Sparks Joy” during this quarantine period.

At Home with Olaf: “Alone in the Forest”

Featuring the adorable snowman from the blockbuster animated franchise—of which the sequel, Frozen 2, is now officially the highest-grossing animated film of all-time with a staggering global intake of $1.45 billion (S$2.07b)—the series shows a mostly isolated Olaf embracing ordinary things in life such as watching leaves fall, sitting on a swing, admiring a sunrise, etc, and radiating nothing but pure joy.

Frozen Charm Created At Home
No longer than a minute, each short was lovingly created at home by Olaf artist Hyrum Osmond, voiced from home by Olaf actor Josh Gad, and worked on by a host of Disney animators also from their respective homes. Since the series began on April 6, 2020, there has been at least a dozen episodes released, all absolutely cute and charming with a subtle underlying message that we should enjoy the mundane things around us—which we often take for granted—while we can.

Next to “Alone In The Forest” (where Olaf elegantly dances to ‘The Sugar Plum Fairy Theme” from The Nutcracker) and “Gymnastics” (self-explanatory), my favorite episode so far is “Sunrise” where we see the cool snowman greeting the morning sun in Arendelle (and not melting thanks to his new Frozen 2 permafrost from Elsa). Check it out below.

At Home with Olaf can be viewed on all Disney Animation’s social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. New shorts are usually released daily, if not every other day. Enjoy!
#athomewitholaf #DisneyMagicMoments

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Update (May 14, 2020): On May 2, fans were reasonably sad to learn that “Sounds” will be the 20th and last instalment of the adorable “At Home With Olaf” series, created entirely at home by the people behind the very successful Frozen franchise.

Well, there was still one last surprise: on May 13, a 3-minute music video that has Olaf, after looking out on an Arendelle with empty streets, writing and singing a heartwarming song entitled “I Am With You”, written no less by Frozen and Frozen 2‘s Oscar-winning songwriting team of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Olaf then asked Gale the wind spirit to deliver the lyrics as a letter to one and all, adding “I’ll see you soon”.

Including scenes from various Disney animated classics, you can watch the lovely video below:

‘Frozen 2’ Fun @ Singapore Changi Airport

Look out for a giant Olaf at Singapore Changi Airport T2!

If you or your kids are big fans of Disney’s Frozen 2, do make your way down to Singapore Changi Airport where there are loads of fun Instagram-worthy opportunities with the lovable characters from the blockbuster animated film, which has since grossed over US$1 billion (S$1.36b) at the global box office.

The main highlight of A Frozen Wonderland At Changi is located at the airport’s Terminal 3 Departure Hall (in front of Departure Immigration). Here you will find a handful of life-sized sets inspired by the enchanting film featuring key characters namely Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, and Grand Pabbie.

Every night till Jan 5, 2020, there will be an entralling light, sound and snow show at 7.30pm, 8pm, 8.30pm and 9pm, which primarily tells the story of Frozen 2, in which Queen Elsa and company go in search of a mystery voice she’s been hearing that or who may save the kingdom of Arendelle from grave danger. Needless to say, spoilers galore at the attraction (and this blog post) if you have yet to see the film!

Grand Pabbie, the wise old troll, should be the first figure you see if you approach the set from the front as he’s extremely well lit.

Over to the right, you will find Anna and Olaf in a boat, depicting the scene when Elsa sent them away for their safety.

At a lovely autumn-inspired spot, and besides four elemental pillars, you will find macho Kristoff and his faithful reindeer, Sven, in the midst of life-like looking trees and plants and in a great rush to find his beloved Anna.

Last but not least, on the biggest structure, you will find the getting-more-powerful Queen Elsa tackling Nokk, the mythical water horse spirit, in stormy seas. This set has a big part to play during the daily show, so make sure you have a good view of it during the performance!


Each show will end with a dramatic snowfall scenario that everyone of all ages thoroughly enjoyed! It’s mainly soap suds in case you are wondering!

This moment lasted quite long and, have to say, my pal and I had great fun taking wefies and being covered in “snow”, as did everyone around us!


Elsewhere in T3 Departure Hall, you will find an Enchanted Forest as well as an Arendelle Castle, where you can pose with cardboard cut-outs of Elsa and Anna, or check out these utterly cute 1-metre-tall plushies of Olaf and Sven.

These sections have areas and activities primarily designed for kids, but you would require a pass (and probably need to spend some money on a single receipt that kind of thing.) Visit https://frozenwonderland.changiairport.com/ for more information on how one can participate.

Over at Jewel, there is also some Frozen 2 content. At the Cloud9 Piazza on Level 5, there is an Arendelle-inspired festival market with a few stalls selling Frozen 2 merchandise. But the draw is definitely these life-sized models of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. An Olaf figure can also be found at one of the festival’s gates.

For a great shot of the lovable snowman though, you have to pop to Terminal 2 for this larger-than-life, 3-metre-tall, spinning Olaf which is easily a big draw. Don’t miss it!

A Frozen Wonderland At Changi will be at T3, T2 and Jewel until Jan 5, 2020.
For more information, visit https://frozenwonderland.changiairport.com/.

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5 Disney’s Frozen Gift Ideas (Sing-a-Long DVD not included…)

It’s 22 days till Christmas and just 8 days more before Disney’s Frozen Sing-a-Long format version – with a bouncing snowflake rather than a bouncing ball as in days of yore – hit the theatres (exclusively at GV from Dec 11) and endless refrains of “Let it go!” will once again fill the country with frightening gusto. In light of that – besides bringing a Frozen fanatic to catch the movie and let him or her sing their, er, Frozen hearts out as a Christmas present – here are 5 other gift ideas you can consider that you won’t find on a Frozen-devoted bookshelf in Times the Bookstore or the plush toy sections in Toys R Us…
New Picture1. Milk Chocolate Advent Calender
This is cute, fun and edible. Featuring 24 “festive white chocolate shapes”, it will keep the Frozen fan entertained throughout the Yuletide season. $19.90 from Marks & Spencer.
2. Bedsheet / Pillow Case / Bolster Case Set
What’s not to love about this gift? Practical, cute and sweet dreams ensured. Besides this Elsa version, there’s also versions with Anna and Olaf. Originally priced at $79 (which isn’t worth it even if it is 500 threadcount guaranteed), the sets were selling for just $29 at Isetan @ Westgate. Now regretting not buying the snowman one…
2014-09-25 21.30.47
3. Badges & Stickers
The above are official movie merchandise usually given out in contests. If you are planning a children’s party, you can easily buy Frozen Party Bag Packs filled with such badges, stickers and what-have-you starting from £1.49 from amazon.co.uk. The selections are endless…
2014-09-01 22.21.26
4. Frozen-themed Cakes
Custom-made Frozen-themed cakes can cost as much as $100 but you can also check out the ones at the likes of Bengawan Solo or Swensen’s, latter of which has 8 designs and starts from $47 per kg. OR, you can have a cheaper version by just buying an “ordinary” flavoured cake and just place Frozen characters cake toppers on it as in the picture above, available for purchase online from shopping websites such as Qoo10.
5. Queen Elsa & Princess Anna Dresses
Judging by the number of little girls dressed up in the royal ice blue of Queen Elsa at the recent weddings I have been attending, we can safely state that the Ice Queen is obviously winning the Most Popular Frozen Sister sweepstakes. Queen Elsa’s costumes start from $15.90 (depending on size) in various toy stores, but if you have someone in mind who is a supporter of both, consider these cutesy dresses sold in travelling fairs and which come in various designs and colours!
New Picture
The Disney’s Frozen Sing-A-Long version runs at GV cinemas from Dec 11-17.

‘Frozen’ Provides 2 Cool New Divas As Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses are big business. And I mean US-billion-dollars big. Every Disney store I went to at Orlando’s Disney World — and even the one in New York City — dedicates extensive space for a mind-boggling range of Disney Princesses costumes and accessories that you could buy to dress up your daughters, nieces, baby girl cousins — if you have them, ie – into miniature splitting images of Disney’s famous heroines such as Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Jasmine, Belle and Mulan.

And mind you, a lot of little girlies like to dress up like a princess, any princess. (Then again, it could be just their mums…) Well, after the success of 2010’s Tangled and 2012’s Brave featuring Princess Rapunzel and Princess Merida — both plucky, sassy and witty lasses– Disney has once again gone all out to entice fantasy-loving little girls and their mummies even further with not one but two super cool princesses from their new animated feature, Frozen.


And just like Rapunzel and Merida before them, sister princesses Elsa and Anna are lovable strong-willed females who will have you rooting for them in no time. In fact, Anna looked incredibly like Rapunzel, from her big blue eyes to her quirky behavior and punchlines. But seriously though, it’s her sister Princess Elsa with her icy powers – everything she touches turns to ice – who will take your breath away.

SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t watch the movie – at the start, a young and vulnerable Elsa will bring a tear to your eye when she learnt that her gift is both a blessing and a curse while playing with Anna. Then, years later, after becoming Queen and accidentally freezing her kingdom, she runs away to the snowy mountains where in one stunning sequence she would use her power in wild abandonment to create not only a massive ice palace, but also turn her tightwad self into one sexy ice queen, strutting around like Christina Aguilera in the Lady Marmalade video! One thing for sure, I foresee many girls — both big and small — dressing up as Elsa for Halloween and costume parties in years to come!


The film on the whole is enjoyable with loads of cute characters especially Olaf the talking snowman (a creation of Elsa’s) and the two handsome hunks whom Anna get to choose from — a charming-at-first prince and a scruffy albeit affable ice merchant. Being a Disney movie, you’d think Anna is going to get the usual treatment that every Disney Princess seem to get — what I call the Princess Leia/Queen Amidala syndrome of having to fall in love with the first and only half-decent man they ever met in their lives — but SPOILER ALERT there’s a twist to the Prince Charming role here that really makes Frozen truly refreshing! Let’s just say that it was really brave of Disney to do away with the way-too-common, prince-saves-princess-with-a-kiss trope.


Not to mention the well-written and well-sung songs that move the storyline along and are not just fillers to get the characters to dance a jig or something. Sung mainly by the two female leads Kristen Bell (Gossip Girls) as Anna and Idina Menzel (Broadway’s Wicked) as Elsa, the songs “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” is especially moving, as is the showstopper “Let It Go” which I will go on a limb to say that it will win the Oscar for Best Original Song if no other better movie song come along in the next 4-5 weeks*.

All in all, Frozen is an enjoyable film during Thanksgiving for children of all ages and the forever-young-at-heart. And with all that ice and snow, it’s guaranteed to be a Christmas mainstay for years to come too. Well done, Disney!

*2014 update – Not only did “Let It Go” won the Oscar for Best Original Song as I predicted, it scooped the Oscar for Best Animated Film too! Well deserved!!

Photo Credit: Images by Disney

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