i Light Marina Bay 2016

Photo by Marguerita Tan

Photo by Marguerita Tan

i Light Marina Bay 2016
On Friday, after a late afternoon meeting in town with a dear friend, I decided to play tourist and checked out i Light Marina Bay, the annual sustainable art festival which was being launched that night.

This year’s festival features 25 light art installations by local and international artists made with eco-friendly materials and/or energy-saving lights. These are strategically placed around the bay along Marina Bay Sands’ Waterfront Promenade, The Promontory @ Marina Bay, OUE Bayfront and The Float @ Marina Bay.

I only had the time (and energy) to check out the west side of the bay (read: missed out those at The Float) and even then, a few installations seem to be either not lit up or yet to be set up. Anyway, here are the few that caught my eye:
2016-03-04 19.48.26 (360x640)Neon Man, standing tall on the Waterfront Promenade.  Not sure if he’s part of the 25 installations but he was certainly one of the top attractions in the park.
L1130556 (640x480)
This doesn’t look like a light installation but what it does do is make bubbles when the people pull the strings at the other end. Fascinating nonetheless. At the back is the i Light Carnival which will run alongside the Light festival.
L1130571 (480x640)#10 Shadow Bath (UK) – cool shadows created on the ground and supposedly provide a stunning light show when one stands within it. Alas, the periods when one can stand inside weren’t on when I was there…
L1130574 (480x640)#11 Lampshade (Norway) – looks like a glowing tent made of giant diamonds especially when sighted from afar. Stood out well especially against the commercial buildings in the background.
2016-03-04 20.11.50 (360x640)2016-03-04 20.11.52 (360x640)
#12 Angels of Freedom (Germany & Israel) – these angel wings that change colours every few seconds made them one of the most popular exhibits with shutterbugs. Altogether now: “Halo from the other siiiiideeee eye…”
L1130606 (640x480)
#13 Moon Haze (China) – These two ladies were certainly feeling the burden of the whole world (or the moon) on their shoulders. It got funnier when strong winds blew and the giant balloon almost knocked them off!

If you plan to check #ilightmarinabay out, best to pick up a festival map so you can see where exactly the 25 pieces are placed around the bay. The 3 information counters are at The Promontory @Marina Bay, Art Science Museum, and The Float @Marina Bay. Otherwise, there are light boxes showing the map at various spots along the bay.

Mobile toilets are available at The Promontory as well as a beer tent with live band, an ice-cream saloon and a food van (The Travelling Cow).

i Light Marina Bay will run till March 27 nightly from 7.30pm to 11pm (extended to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays). Admission is Free. Nearest MRT: Downtown or Bayfront