Langkawi: Sunset Over Pantai Cenang Beach

Photo by Marguerita Tan

When in Langkawi: Sunsets in the Malaysian 99-island archipelago are usually between 7.20pm and 7.45pm. In end July, it’s roughly 7.35-7.40pm and if you are on the western shoreline of the island district of Kedah, the best spot to catch one in full glory is to seat yourself anywhere along the 2km pristine white sands of Pantai Cenang beach.

I knew staying at the Casa del Mar Langkawi resort would plonk me right in the midst of the popular beach, but I didn’t realised that the hotel restaurant La Sal actually placed their al fresco dinner tables right by the edge of the sands so that guests—if they are seated at the right time⁠—will be able to enjoy the full course of the sun setting over one of Langkawi’s mini islands on the horizon.

So, as I sipped my chilled pre-dinner beer, it was blissfully joyful to watch the sun lighting the clear blue sky, from glaring whitish gold to a lovely golden-orange yellow hue, as it slowly disappeared behind the island on the horizon.

Definitely one of my favorite sunset watch in recent times…

Photo by Marguerita Tan

M49’s Photo Musings: Sunset @ Bishan


Sunsets fascinate me. Most probably because I seldom wake up early enough to admire sunrises (hee), but then again, here in my home in Singapore, I’m blessed to be able to catch glorious sunsets right outside my bedroom window on the 10th floor of an apartment block in the west side of our island city.

This hazy fiery sunset though was taken over the Bishan Flyover located in central Singapore, in a moving vehicle no less going westwards at about 6.50pm. “Take the lamp posts in a row!” yelled the driver. So I did, with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Hope you like it as much as I do. 🙂