Goodbye 2013 @ Two Chefs

20131231_201149When a few of my cell group mates wanted to have a New Year’s eve dinner, and seafood at that, to be nearby our church (so they can attend watchnight service later), there was only one place we can think of in the Queenstown area – Two Chefs Eating Place at Commonwealth Crescent, or what we locals here call the area, “16th Storey”. As it’s such a popular place, we were pleasantly surprised that they allowed us to make a table reservation. Even so, when only two of us arrived on time, they would preferred that every one in the party is present before giving us a table. And once the table is given, or even before, you best get your orders ready or you will be stacked behind diners who are faster on the draw!

Two Chefs is actually more famous for their Butter Pork Ribs, but we went for Butter Chicken instead as my mates prefer that. For seafood, we went for Chili Crab and Cereal Prawn, while veggies we opted for the Three Egg Spinach. The Butter Chicken (pictured above, bottom dish) was crispy and generously sprinkled with the delicious butter powder and curry leaves, but it was never a dish that really got me excited. I think the Pork Ribs version is slightly better. Then again, there’s no faulting their Cereal Prawn which are huge savoury tiger prawns well-fried till the shell is crispy, topped with rather fine tasty crunchy cereal flakes.
20131231_201412A great seafood stall that used to be at the exact same spot was the former Pulau Ubin Seafood. But have to say that Two Chefs’ seafood dish ain’t half bad. The Chili Crab was delicious, from the meaty flesh to the yummy gravy, which is neither too hot nor too sweet and which goes well with both rice and man tou (deep fried buns). Wash all that down with a great refreshing Chinese beer Tsingtao and I guarantee you will be in seventh heaven! Just wish they would provide the usual accessories that one need for eating crab such as crab plier (I brought my own), washing bowl and napkins. But I guess you can’t expect too much from a hawker centre stall.

The only disappointment on the night is probably the Three Egg Spinach. We ate it before and both times it just isn’t as good as the ones in Crystal Jade, Paradise Inn and even Boon Tong Kee. Should have ordered their sambal kang kong instead…

Still, the dishes we ordered were just nice for 4 people and cost just $83 (not counting drinks), a decent $22+ per person. Good grub and grog, reasonable pricing, and close to home and church – what a great way to say goodbye to 2013!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year and a totally Food-Ful 2014! Cheers!


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